Network Wrappers Library (libnwrap)

An easy-to-use, thread-safe, protocol independent UNIX networking API

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Welcome to the libnwrap project homepage

Libnwrap is a library of network function wrappers that provides a simple and clear yet powerfull enough API for UNIX network programming.

It targets ease of use, protocol independence, reentrancy, thread-safety, as well as built-in cryptograpy.

Libnwrap was started with these goals in mind, and it will tend to achieve them while its maturity advances:

  • provide easier error checking
  • be completely thread-safe
  • provide seamless IPv4/IPv6 integration
  • have builtin encryption support
  • be extremely portable across various unices
  • be reasonably efficient

The 0.0.1-alpha version has been released.

For any comments or suggestions please send an email to .